Top Tips for PPA Scottish Magazine Awards Success

1. Apply for the Right Award

Make sure you are applying for the award most suited to you. This year there are 24 different categories to choose from. The judges are given the exact same criteria as the entrants, so take some time to understand the principles on which entries to the category will be assessed. Try to include as much evidence of how you meet them as possible. There might be multiple categories that you wish to enter, so make sure to read through the list carefully to make sure you are entering the right award. Of course, you can enter multiple categories apart from those with a restriction listed in the criteria. 

2. Spend Time Perfecting Your Application

Awards entries should be an investment, not an afterthought. Start preparing your application early, in particular the 500-word citation that is required for each entry. A rushed, last-minute entry often results in key details being missed out. Avoid being a victim of deadline stress! Be thorough, and remember, it’s quality over quantity! 

3. Make Your Entry Stand Out

When telling your story, try to make it as compelling a read as possible. Judges often have to wade through numerous entries, so make sure yours stands out for all the right reasons. Remember that there’s a human at the other end who will appreciate a good story. No one wants to read a business plan. They want to get to know you and understand what makes you the winner! 

4. Numbers Tell a Thousand Words

Be as open and explicit with your commercial figures as possible. Figures are not necessary for every entry but where this information is available and will enhance your entry, make sure not to leave it out! The judges will assume it wasn’t commercially successful if this information isn’t included in the entry, when it really should be.

5. Provide Good Supporting Documents

This is your shop window, an opportunity to engage the judges, helping them to have a deeper understanding of your entry. The supporting materials enable you to expand on the success of your project, so choose wisely! Uploads can be in a wide range of file-types, but if you wish to upload a large video the best way to do so is to upload to a host (Vimeo, Dropbox, YouTube, etc) and put the link into an uploaded word document. Choose images that stand out and showcase your work. If you wish to send hard copies (please only do this if you feel they are an essential part of your entry) please contact us for details. 

6. Check the Eligibility Period

Ensure your submission is tightly focused on the period covered by the criteria. You can use previous years for context, but please focus on telling us about your achievements in the period specified. We want to hear all about the amazing things you have done, achieved, produced and conquered across 2019/20. 

7. Don’t Be Modest

There is no need to be shy about your achievements or nervous that others may not appreciate them. The competition is fierce, so if you are proud of what you have achieved, say so! 

8. Be Passionate

Judges like to see evidence of companies’ enthusiasm and care for what they do. If you enjoy what you do, convey it in your entry. Get someone who is genuinely passionate about the product/company/brand to write the 500 word citation. Bring your story alive and help your entry to make the biggest impact on our judges. 

9. Put the Past Behind You

Don't be put off if you have entered the PPA Scottish Magazine Awards before and did not win. Maybe this year it will be your turn to be named at the shortlist reveal, and even go on to be crowned one of the winners! Similarly, if you have won one of our coveted awards before, there is no reason why you won’t win again this year and retain your title! The old cliché “if you’re not in it you won’t win it” is famous for a very good reason... 

10. Talk To Us

We are always very happy to answer any additional queries you may have about the Awards, or to suggest which categories might be appropriate for you to enter, and to alleviate any concerns you may have. Please look at our contact page for more details.