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The PPA Scotland Awards are open to Scotland based publishers whose work is originally published for the UK market.

We want to see as many businesses, and as many people, with diverse skills and backgrounds as possible represented on the shortlist. For us to achieve this, we need you to enter and champion those within your organisation.

Extended entry deadline: Friday 22 September
Eligibility period: 1 June 2022 - 30 July 2023

PPA Members receive 50% off their entries with the code: PPAMEMBER23


  • Detail your success in 500 words, ensuring you address each individual criteria point as this is what the judges will be scoring against

  • Upload three supporting documents, which can include full editions for relevant categories (max capacity 40MB per document). If you are providing links to information behind a data or pay wall, please make sure to include login details for our judges.

Important note: when completing the section on your results, financial or otherwise, please make sure to give context by comparing to previous years, your business plan, or the rest of the market. Any results given without context are very hard to judge and may weaken the entry.

All information submitted within an entry will remain confidential and will only be used for the purpose of judging.

  • Click on the arrow to expand each award category to view the criteria

  • Use the tick boxes to the right to select multiple categories you would like to enter, then select ‘PROCESS’

  • You will only be charged for an entry once it is completed - it is free to create an account and look at the entry forms

  • Discounts will automatically calculate at payment which is stage 4 of the checkout process

  • PPA members should use the code: PPAMEMBER23

Judges may award both B2B and B2C winners in some categories.